SP-404 FX Ableton Live Rack

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There's an updated version of this for Live 11 with more effects and controls, check it out HERE.

This is an Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack, inspired by the effects of the Roland SP-404.

I've used the stock Ableton Live devices to create effects similar to the 404's DJ FX Looper, Vinyl Sim, Lo-Fi, Isolator, Reverb, Filter + Drive, and Tape Delay.

This rack is great for Live performance and can be mapped to any MIDI controller with knobs or faders.

You can grab it for FREE (by entering 0 for price). A small donation would be highly appreciated and would help me dedicate more time to produce these Ableton Live Packs.

NOTE: Requires at least Ableton Live 10.1 Standard.

Just copy the .adg file to your user library or to a folder that's added to "Places" in the browser and it's ready to use.

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A single Ableton Live audio effect rack with 7 SP-404 inspired effects

Ableton Live 10.1 Standard
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SP-404 FX Ableton Live Rack

116 ratings
I want this!