Low Heat's 404 XL Ableton Live Effect Rack

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NOTE: Requires Ableton Live 11.1 Standard or higher. If you're still on 11.0, please update it!

This is an updated version (on steroids!) of my Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack, inspired by the effects of the SP-404.

Taking advantage of Live 11's new and improved effects, the ability to have up to 16 macros and snapshots, this is a must-have update for people who enjoyed the older version but want more flexibility.

Improvements over the old version:

- Improved DJFX Looper effect + separate BPM Looper

- 16 macro knobs instead of 8

- Included snapshots (presets)

- Added Chromatic Pitch Shifter

- Better sounding Vinyl Sim with amount controls

- Separate Vinyl Sim rack included for even better control of the sound

- Added Slicer effect

- Added Phaser and Chorus effects

Improvements also make it good for enhancing single instruments/samples, as well as using it as a performance rack on your master.

I've used the stock Ableton Live devices to create effects similar to the 404's BPM Looper, DJ FX Looper, Vinyl Sim, Lo-Fi, Isolator, Reverb, Filter + Drive, Tape Delay, Chromatic Pitch, Slicer, Phaser and Chorus.

This rack is great for live performance and can be mapped to any MIDI controller with knobs or faders.

Bonus: package includes a separate Vinyl Sim rack for more precise control over the effect’s parameters

Just copy the .adg file to your user library or to a folder that's added to "Places" in the browser and it's ready to use.

Downloaded from: https://lowheatbeats.com

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1x Sp-404-inspired Ableton Live multi-effect rack + 1x dedicated Vinyl Sim rack

Ableton Live 11.1 Standard or higher
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Low Heat's 404 XL Ableton Live Effect Rack

18 ratings
I want this!